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    Welcome to the Refugee’s (Guild Charter / Rules)

    Refugee for life.
    Refugee for life.

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    Welcome to the Refugee’s (Guild Charter / Rules) Empty Welcome to the Refugee’s (Guild Charter / Rules)

    Post by Kuwatatak on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:37 pm

    Welcome to the Refugee’s

    The Refugees were formed from a close core of friends on this server, full of players who are passionate about RvR and winning. We are the guys that take open lake RvR very serious, we play to be the best, and revolve our tactics and rules around that. In your search for a guild to join, I am confident you will either be heavily for joining us, or heavily against it. If you’re not interested in working as a team, than our warband and guild is not for you. If you are interested in coordinating attacks, and using tactics to get the advantage, then this guild is for you.

    We don’t expect much out of our players; after all we all just want to have fun. We just believe having fun usually means dominating the opposite team. With that said, if you are interested in joining we expect the following from our members;

    Guild Rules

    1) Be respectful of our Officers and Liaisons. They are here to help keep the guild running smooth and they need your support in doing so.

    2) Remember that while most of us are older men, we do have some younger players in vent. Be mindful of that when choosing your discussions.

    3) Ventrillo and forum participation are required for general guild membership

    4) To be a part of Refugees it is required to have your main in T4. Most of us don’t play alts often and almost all of our members are Rank 40.

    5) Inactivity for 2-4 weeks without notice will get your character removed from the guild. This is to help with guild leveling; they are welcome to come back when you do.

    6)Talismans and Pots will be provided for you when you need them. Please don’t abuse this. We also ask that when items drop that you don’t need while running with the guild, you allow our guild crafters to take them.

    Warband Rules

    1) Have respect for those in charge of leading our warband. Even if you don’t agree with their tactical decision it is important that you follow him no matter what.

    2) You must be in Vent to be in the warband. To run a successful warband this is a must.

    3) While it is fine to do your own thing, it is heavily encouraged that if you join this guild, you run with the guild most of the time. Get to know the players, and participate in guild events and RvR.

    4) While in a warband, it is important that vent chatter is kept to a minimum while action is going on. Only important things should be called. (we don’t want to hear about your life story while a healer is being attacked by a witch elf, or some one is trying to tell us we are going to be flanked.)

    5) Be respectful of other guilds and players. Remember they are just out to have fun too, we don’t need to be starting fights with our allies on Order.

    If you are interesting in joining the Refugees we ask that you contact an officer or leader of the guild. To become a recruit you must first join vent, and run with us in our warband for a while. If you decide this is where you want to be, and we don’t have any issues with you than you will become a recruit.

    During the recruit stage, you will remain a recruit for at least 2 weeks. During this time you will be evaluated by the officers and leaders of the guild. If we feel you are a team player and are a good for this guild, than you will be moved up to member status.

    Interested? Contact one of the following players in game:

    Kuwatatak (GM)
    Highdollar (GM)
    Leinolf (Liaison)
    Meowa (Officer)
    Hork (Officer)

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