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    Application for Refugees

    Refugee for life.
    Refugee for life.

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    Application for Refugees Empty Application for Refugees

    Post by Kuwatatak on Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:13 pm

    Thanks for taking interest in the Refugees,

    We are a pretty easy going guild, but when it comes to ORvR we take it pretty serious. Many of the players you will meet within this guild are some of the best on the server, and I hope to add you to that status also.

    Our guild rank isn't very high due to us all leaving our old rank 26 guild in the past, but we are certainly one of the more effective guilds in terms of ORvR on this server.

    I have good news for those of you reading this. Filling out a application forms for the guild is not necessary. All we ask is that you send one of the officers or leaders listed below a tell in game to begin your process for recruitment. You can also post in the forums your in game name and a little about you and we will contact you.

    To become a refugee, we have a certain system we go by:

    1) Join our vent channel and run with our guild in ORvR. If we feel your are a good fit we will invite you too the guild under the recruit status.

    2) While you are recruit status we will be evaluating how you fit with the guild. (if you get along with others, and if you can play as a team)

    During this stage I also encourage that you evaluate the guild also. There are many guilds out there with different focuses in game. Some are about progression through RvE, some are about doing there own thing but sharing the same tag, other focus solely on scenarios.

    3) Within the minimum of 2 weeks we will invite you to the status of member within the guild. To become a member you are required to at least check the forums every now and then, and participate in some guild discussions.

    4)We do not accept people who are in multiple guilds. Refugees takes care of its members so no if,ands, or buts about it. If you do not agree there is no need to apply and we wish you the best.

    Members get the following benefits:
    A) Talismans and Potions will be provided to you.
    B) Guild PvE runs will be planned to help you gear up.
    C) You will be able to view the guild vault to ask for Talismans and potions within.

    Interested? Contact one of the following players in game:

    Kuwatatak (GM)
    Highdollar (GM)
    Meowa (Officer)
    Hork (Officer)

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